New Beginnings Recovery Incorporates, Looks to Fight Addiction Epidemic

Josh Klina

New Beginnings Recovery


For Immediate Release: 3/20/2017

New Beginnings Recovery Incorporates, Looks to Fight Addiction Epidemic

Ocean Pines, MD: New Beginnings Recovery, an organization attempting to establish Worcester county's first sober living home, has just become official as they are now incorporated and are currently in process of applying for non-profit status. Despite typical non-profit applications taking 4-6 months to be approved, New Beginnings intends to hit the ground running. The state of Maryland made national headlines at the beginning of the month when [Gov. Larry Hogan intensified his response to the on going opioid addiction crisis by declaring a state of emergency and allocating an additional $50 million to combat the spreading epidemic][]. Zach Klina, the founder of New Beginnings, believes that establishing a sober living home will have an immediate impact in [lowering relapse rates and helping those being released from rehab programs transition back into the community][]. Having personally benefited from residing in a sober living home, Klina says, "Staying at a sober living home taught me how to become a productive member of society by learning how to be responsible and accountable."

However despite the early momentum, New Beginnings still has its toughest obstacles ahead of them. "Securing funding and credit for the home are going to be our biggest challenges." says Klina. To help with this, the New Beginnings team has setup a website, with information about the opioid epidemic, news, and a page to receive donations. While the New Beginnings team does intend to pursue grants, its been through the support of individual donations that have helped them to incorporate and setup. "The community has stepped up in a big way. We would not have been able to get this far without their support and are eternally grateful for their contributions. The community's enthusiasm has been inspiring.", notes Klina.

For more information or to donate to New Beginnings, their website can be found at The New Beginnings team has also started to seek out grants to help fund the establishment for the sober living home and welcome any information about grants to pursue. Please contact Zach Klina at if you can provide any information about possible sources of funding.