Current Trends

Following the national trend of a growing narcotics epidemic, Worcester county has seen a surge in deaths by intoxication in 2014 and 2015. [1] Despite this trend there are currently no sober living houses in the county to provide support and rehabilitation for those addicted. New Beginnings hopes to create a sober living home by raising funds and working with the county to establish a sober living environment for those recovering. Studies have shown that sober living homes reduce chances of relapse helping addicts transition back into the community. [2]

Deaths by Overdose in Worcester County, MD

Increasing the Odds for Sobriety

Studies have repeatedly shown that residing within an Oxford House diminishes the chances for relapse. In a 2006 study 150 individuals, after completing residential treatment programs were randomly assigned to aftercare as usual or residency in an Oxford Hosue. After a 24 month follow up it was determined that residents of the sober living home have significantly better outcomes on measures of substance abuse, income, and incarceration. Of those with traditional aftercare, 64.8% reported relapse over 6 months compared to 31.3% of the residents of an Oxford House.

Incarceration rates also decreased dramatically. 9% of those with usual treatment became incarcerated versus 3% of the residents of Oxford Homes. When translated into costs, sober living residency had a net benefit of $29,000 per person. [3]

Traditional Care VS Oxford Home Residency