Our vision is to start a recovery house located in Worcester county in West Ocean City. There is a significant need for a structured environment that focuses on recovery from substance abuse as there is not one single recovery house located in Worcester County. The epidemic of substance abuse is growing at a rapid rate, and it is now affecting younger adults and teenagers. [1] We believe a recovery house would be beneficial because studies show that recovery house programs decrease the odds for relapse and are beneficial to the economy. [2] Recovery Houses teach people who struggle with addiction to learn personal responsibility as residents must learn to support themselves. Studies also show people that have substance abuse history need constant social support to increase their odds of recovery. [3] A recovery house provides exactly that because they will be surrounded by other recovering addicts and alcoholics who are going through the same experiences and feelings. They can support each other 24/7. It is extremely beneficial for them live together as a family, than to be isolated by themselves.

Potential Rooming

Anyone is allowed to be a resident as long as they fall under the requirements:

We would like to house 7 male beds including myself, Zach Klina. While, the Ocean City zoning law only permits up to 5 unrelated people living together in a single family dwelling, the Federal Fair Housing act, decrees the city must make reasonable accommodations to people with disabilities that beneficially live together as a family. “Reasonable accommodation in rules, policies, practices, or services, when such accommodation may be necessary to afford a handicapped person equal opportunity to use and enjoy a dwelling” is also required under the FHA. An accommodation is reasonable if it does not cause undue hardship, fiscal, or administrative burdens on the municipality, or does not undermine the basic purpose a zoning ordinance seeks to achieve.

West Ocean City is ideal because:


A summary of the budget for the New Beginnings Recovery House can be found here:


In summary, we expect New Beginnings Recovery House to bring in $3600.00 in revenue each month and have cash outflows of $2,565.00. This will leave a monthly surplus of $1035.00 that can be put into savings and early payments on the mortgage.


A copy of the contract can be found here: